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We provide comfort and companionship, safety, and much more for your loved ones here at blessed hands sitter services.

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About Me

Expert Elderly Care And Companionship

Greetings Family, I am Shonda M. Tibbs and it is a great pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am the wife of one husband, mother of two daughters, two sons, two angels, and grandmother of four grandchildren. This business was born in May 2016. After working 16 yrs with geriatric patients it became a burning passion to go even further. Providing quality assurance, and A-1 dependable service to our clients are a few of the many goals that we have. We are a small business with a big heart. Our vision is to ensure that each client is treated with dignity, compassion, and love. To see them thriving and gaining that will to live is our desire. My thing is no one should be placed in a nursing facility just because no one is available to care for them because everyone is working, why not keep them home and call us? Let us help take the load off. Our Motto is ” Where Your Family Is Ours “

What we do

Our Services

Personal Care

When it comes to personal care, Blessed Hands Sitter Service excels in providing the utmost support and assistance. Our dedicated caregivers are trained to offer comprehensive assistance in active daily living, ensuring that our clients can carry out their daily tasks with comfort and ease. From helping with dressing and grooming to mobility support and bathing, we are here to lend a helping hand every step of the way. In addition, we offer feeding assistance to ensure our clients receive the proper nutrition they need for their overall well-being.

Medical Support

Our dedicated team excels in offering assistance with medication reminders, ensuring that our clients never miss a dose of their prescribed medications. Additionally, we go the extra mile by coordinating and accompanying our clients to doctor appointments, ensuring they receive the necessary medical care and attention they deserve. With our reliable and compassionate staff, you can trust that your loved ones will receive the highest level of support and care when it comes to their medical needs.

Home Support

Our dedicated caregivers are skilled in preparing nutritious and appetizing meals, tailored to our clients’ dietary needs and preferences. Whether it’s a simple snack or a complete meal, we ensure that our clients receive nourishing and delicious food. Additionally, we take pride in maintaining a clean and tidy living space for our clients, providing light cleaning services to create a safe and welcoming home environment. With our home support services, you can trust us to enhance the overall well-being and comfort of your loved ones.

Companion Care

We are here to provide compassionate companion care services, ensuring that our clients feel valued, listened to, and never alone. Whether it’s engaging in meaningful conversations, participating in activities together, or simply being a comforting presence, our caregivers are committed to fostering a warm and supportive environment. In addition to companion care, we also offer specialized care services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. We ensure that clients with specific conditions receive the attention they deserve.

What we offer

Service Price Duration Category
Assistance in Active Daily Living $14 per hour 1:0 Personal Care
Feeding Assistance $14 per hour 1:0 Personal Care
Incontinent Care $14 per hour 1:0 Personal Care
Medication Reminders $14 per hour 1:0 Medical Support
Doctor Appointments $14 per hour 1:0 Medical Support
Light Meal Preparation $14 per hour 1:0 Home Support
Light Cleaning $14 per hour 1:0 Home Support
Companion Care $14 per hour 1:0 Companion Care
Specialties Care $14 per hour 1:0 Companion Care

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